Welcome to HTX Surf

Coming soon to Generation Park in Houston, Texas.
HTX Surf is going to make Houston, Texas the go-to surfing and action sport destination in America. Anchored by perfect waves which peel the length of two football fields, HTX Surf will also provide international food and drink options, pump track, training and wellness facilities, music and event lawns, a leisure pool and beach club, and a membership club. We create a relaxed, ocean front environment that is guaranteed to feature highly on the must-visit lists of surfers and beach enthusiasts. In addition to being a place where friends and family can surf perfect waves both big and small, HTX Surf will literally bring a beautiful beach and resort experience to the center of Houston, Texas. Join us at HTX and come “Surf, Eat, Relax, Repeat”.

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HTX Surf will feature a Wavegarden Cove lagoon, creating an inland dream surfing destination blessed with guaranteed waves and an exotic beach environment drawing inspiration from some of the world’s foremost surf locations. The groundbreaking technology replicates the exact water particle movement of ocean ground swells; there are no secondary waves that can negatively affect the quality of subsequent waves. With little energy lost in the transmission of forces from the machinery to the water, efficiency levels could not be any higher. The Wavegarden Cove consists of independent modules run by electro-mechanical systems that move in a synchronized independent motion to produce perfect swells. Wave shape and size can be adjusted at the push of a button, simply by changing the mode and wave type.

The Bays : For Beginner & Novice Surfers

  • Each Bay has three different areas appropriate for beginners and intermediates.
  • The waves are soft and slow moving, allowing guests to gain experience in true – to – life ocean conditions.
  • The fully controlled conditions make it the safest location in the world to learn to surf.
  • The consistent, high frequency waves provide a significantly reduced learning curve: a one – hour session is equivalent to one month or more of surf sessions in the ocean.
  • Capacity: Approximately 3 8 surfers total on both sides depending upon wave choice

    The Reefs : For Expert and Intermediate Surfers

    • Left and right open face waves break on each side of the pier structure.
    • Reef waves are the most powerful and vary in size, the largest rising up to 2 m in height.
    • Suitable for expert to intermediate surfers and rival the best ocean breaks in the world.
    • There are many variations: soft and mellow waves; open – face tur n waves; powerful barrels and slabs.
    • The `Wave DJ ́ can program either an intermediate level, advanced level, expert level or any customized surf session in the Reef areas.
    • Capacity: Average of 32 – 34 surfers total on both sides depending upon wave choice .


    HTX Surf will be located in Generation Park, a forward-thinking master-planned development in Northeast Houston. The beautiful 15 – acre site sits just inside Beltway 8 with all amenities close by, including a 25 – acre stocked fishing lake just across the street. HTX Surf is easy to get to and just 25 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from George Bush International Airport.

    The amenities and experiences at HTX Surf will rival a best day on the water, whether you’re an expert or new to the sport.

    Ryan McCord, President, McCord Development and the owner/developer of Generation Park.


    HTX Surf is being designed, developed, and operated by experts from Beach Street. The Beach Street team is comprised of individuals who love surfing and have real-life experience building and operating man-made surf destinations. With Team members based both in California and Texas, HTX Surf will be authentic to what is important. For more information on Beach Street ’ s experience and current projects please visit BeachStreetDev.com

    John Luff

    • Co-Founder & Partner at DSRT Surf
    • Founded Surf Park Central—the leading surf park focused media resource in the world. Co-Founder of Surf Park Summit
    • Consulted on surf destination projects around the world for over 10 years
    • Currently Co-Chairs the CDC  Model Aquatic Health Code committee drafting water quality standards and regulatory policy for the USA
    • Served as Director of Biz Dev at American Wave Machines

    Doug Sheres

    • 25+ Years experience in Real Estate and Finance
    • Former Portfolio Manager for over $3B in assets
    • Former Mayor and City Council member for City of Solana Beach, CA
    • Served as Director for Firewire Surfboards
    • Long time Director at ocean conservation organization, Wildcoast and former Director at biodiversity conservation organization, Nature & Culture International.

    Blake Hess

    • General Manager of Kelly Slater Surf Ranch prior to joining Beach Street
    • Led Surf Ranch to best year ever setting benchmarks in finance and guest survey metrics, despite pandemic in 2020
    • 30+ Years in Action Sport Hospitality, 25 of those as a General Manager, 6 of those specifically managing Surf Destinations
    • Multiple Certifications in Operations, Aquatics and Water Safety

    Alex Bergman

    • 25 years of experience in diverse roles spanning; principal investing, capital raising and startup company leadership
    • Former U.S. Coast Guard Officer: served in offshore engineering, boarding officer, and environmental protection & remediation positions
    • Stanford MBA with successful 15-year career in combined private equity and portfolio company leadership roles
    • Recent CEO of an energy services company

    Doug Coors

    • Founder of NLand Surf Park, the first public man-made surf lagoon in the country.
    • CEO of Eden Golf.
    • 20 Years of experience with CoorsTek prior to opening Nland.
    • Helped create the Artificial Lagoon Code with the Texas Department of State Health Services.

    Jay Leopold

    • 35+ year career in commercial construction managing numerous large and complex construction projects
    • 20+ years as Regional Manager at DPR
    • Oversaw the rebuild of the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California
    • SVP of Global Construction for Kelly Slater Wave Co developing Multiple Surf Destinations

    These guys were so ahead of the curve with their homework, I was just really impressed.

    C.J. Hobgood, Former Pro Surfing World Champion